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Starke Round Barn, Three Sisters, Red Cloud NebraskaThree Sisters Saturday at Starke Round Barn
Saturday, May 10 at 11:00am

Come visit the barn and learn the Native American story of the Three Sisters and help plant a Three Sisters Garden on site. This is a great activity for multi-generation participation. Lunch will be included along with a bag of fun for each child. We will also have Sara Cline Photography on site until 12:30 for those who are interested in multi-generational photos.

Beginning at 11:00 am we will explain the history of the Three Sisters Garden and why the three sisters of corn, beans and squash were so important to Native American tribes. After planting the garden, enjoy  lunch in the long shed. After lunch it’s off to the basement of the Starke Round Barn for coloring and chalk drawing to illustrate the Three Sister’s Garden, and to learn about the Starke Round Barn.

Make your reservations now as we are limited to the first 25 children. Admission is $10.00 per person. (All children must be accompanied with a parent or grandparent) This fall we will invite everyone back for the harvest of the Three Sisters Garden and a meal with dishes made from the vegetables.

Three Sisters Adult Tickets

$10.00 per person (Adult Ticket)
Starke Round Barn, Three Sisters, Red Cloud Nebraska

Three Sisters Child Tickets

$10.00 per person (Child Ticket)
Starke Round Barn, Three Sisters, Red Cloud Nebraska


Located 4.5 miles east of Red Cloud, Nebraska the Starke Round Barn is listed in the National Register and is the largest true round barn in the world.

The building has 3 stories and is 130 feet in diameter, 400 feet in circumference and the center silo has a diameter of 28 feet and is 60 feet high.

This National Registry property is over 100 years old, and we hope that with the new roof and other ongoing repairs it can last another 100 years.



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Imagine what it was like to farm with these magnificent creatures!

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Here are two pictures of the barn. The first is from 1930 and the south door is off its hinges. The second was taken earlier this spring after..

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Be sure to add Floriani Red Flint Corn to your plantings list this spring. Packets of seed are available on our website at http://www.StarkeRoundBarn.com

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Congratulations! Proud to be located just off of Nebraska’s Heritage Highway 136!

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