Welcome to Starke Round Barn

Located 4.5 miles east of Red Cloud, Nebraska the Starke Round Barn is listed in the  National Register and is  the largest true round barn in the world.

The building has 3 stories and  is 130 feet in diameter, 400 feet in circumference and the center silo has a diameter of 28 feet and is 60 feet high.

This National Registry property is over 100 years old, and we hope  that with the new roof and other ongoing repairs it can last another 100 years.

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  • Ronnie Johnson:

    I would have liked to order some Floriani Red Flint Corn from you but when I filled out the order, the shipping and handling was one price,then when I got to check out through Pay Pal the shipping and handling was $6 more than it began. Also if you would ship things regular parcel post , your shipping rates would be less.

    • rassco:


      Yes, we did have a problem with the first few orders with the shipping and it has been corrected, and the overcharges already refunded.
      Apologies for the error.

      The reason we ship with Priority flat rate boxes is because then we can ship to everyone for the same rate, but also because that way the orders can be tracked and we know when they are delivered safely. Thanks for your comments.

      • admin:

        Hi Ronnie,

        Yes, you are correct. We found a shipping calculation mistake and believe we have it corrected now. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

        Please go back and try again.

  • BamaGramma:

    NOT the largest true-round barn. At the time, maybe, but 14 years later, was surpassed. Built in 1916, the Central Wisconsin State Fair Barn is 150 feet in diameter and 75 feet tall.

    What was the original outside constructed of?

    • rassco:

      The original siding was wooden ship lap, and covered with tin by my husband’s father and grandfather after the father came home from WWII. I don’t know much about the Wisconsin barn except that it was built as a sales pavilion and not intended for use on a working farm.

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